Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an iPhone or iPod Touch to use these web apps?

Webapps are web pages which will work with all the modern browsers. The rendering will vary from browser to browser. All apps work with Safari and Chrome, as they support webkit and HTML5. Firefox is usually OK, but Internet Explorer can be ugly. Internet Explorer users can load the Chrome Frame which will allow running webapps in a frame.

Will webapps run without an internet connection when I am offline?

You can save an application to your Home Screen by tapping the big + at the bottom of the screen in Mobile Safari, and tapping Save to Home Screen. An icon will appear on your springboard, just like a normal application.

Pocket History will only run online, because it requires a large database. The iTunes store version is being built. Let us know if you want to be notified when it is available.

Border Gas will run offline as a convenient price calculator, but won't have the latest exchange rates or gas prices.

Night Sky will run offline, but will only show the last viewed sky image. Choose which image you view last before you head off to that dark secluded place where there is no internet connection. It is possible to save more images. If you would like this feature added or have other suggestions, let us know.

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